Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Banquet - what a story!

All the competing teams attended a formal banquet on Saturday night - for dinner and the presentation of awards.

CAP banquets are occasionally a little dull - but this one was certainly not the case - primarily due to some antics from the COWG/TVCS Drill Team.

A number of the cadets had been impressed by the number of girls on the UTAH Drill Team (it would seem that a couple of the cadets were just impressed with the girls too!) so a plot was hatched to serenede all 6 Utah girls with the 'Top Gun' bar scene! For those who aren't Tom Cruise fans (and lets face it, who IS!?) - here's the clip

The serenede was executed by 6 TVCS cadets lead by C/1Lt "Maverick" Caldwell and C/Capt "Goose" Kent, much to the delight of all the teams. The 'naval aviators' then presented each Utah girl with a red rose which, by now, matched their rosy red cheeks!

This set the scene for the rest of the evening and resulted in some great post competition comraderie between the two opponents

Once the banquet was over the teams posed for photos and the then the TVCS team started an impomptu conga line in the Base parking lot, to the tune of "Boom, boom, boom, boom I want you in my room!" The look on the CAP Regional Commander's face was a classic as the conga surrounded him, his vehicle and his guests.

He was heard to comment..... "if this is what they do when they lose, what's gonna happen when they WIN!"

Photos of the event will be posted soon - and we hope to have Maverick and Goose on video soon too!

Colorado to Host the 2010 RMR Cadet Competition...

So, the little adventure airport adventure concludes the 2009 TVCS Eagle Drill Team Saga. We have many, many more stories and photos to post, which we will get around to eventually (once we actually get caught up on our sleep). A massive amount of effort went into getting these 14 gentlemen ready and to the competition to compete. My sincere thanks to everyone that helped out- no matter how big or small. Which doesn't go into the work, time and effort put into preparing for the competition by the team- you guys went against one of the best teams in the country, and didn't win. That doesn't mean you're losers- we just know a little bit more about where and how hard we will have to work to take them down next year. Are you ready for what it will take?

The 2010 Rocky Mountain Region Cadet Competition will be held in our own backyard- will the Eagle Drill Team be there? Only time will tell...

The Eagles have landed...

The team got on the road out of Great Falls, MT early this morning. After a brief stop at the wrong hotel (had to pick up Capt Caldwell from the HILTON hotel, not the Hampton :), we were on our way to drop off the team and me at Bozeman for our flight back to Denver, CO at 0730. At about 0745, almost the entire van-load of cadets were already fast asleep, with only one or two exceptions. Not even crazy-techno music (BTW- Thank you so VERY kindly for that Cadet Constant!) could keep these guys awake after a full day of competition, and an evening full of antics only a group of 14 teenage boys can come up with!

The team arrived for our flight in Bozeman with plenty of time to spare- even with one of our cadet's names being on the terrorist-watch list (NOT the actual cadet of course, just someone sharing the name). We boarded the same type of little turboprop puddlejumper aircraft that we flew out in on Thursday, and we must have had a good tailwind because we arrived in Denver about a half hour earlier than expected. That almost NEVER happens!

Since we had a cadet or two on the team that had never flown before, and some time to kill, we decided to take a little tour of DIA. Our flight out to Bozeman (and for that matter, back into Denver) was out of Concourse A at DIA, so coming in we (thought anyway!) we were strapped for time, so we just walked over the bridge from the terminal to the concourse to wait for our flight. Coming back, we decided to ride the train out from Concourse A to Concourse C, then back to the terminal. Gave our first-timers a chance to see some of the airport, and several of our old-timers enjoyed a game of seeing who could stand up on the train without using the handholds and not stumbling when it accelerated and decelerated very abruptly. (just a side note here, the lady computer on those trains really should warn passengers BEFORE the acceleration/deceleration starts, not AT THE SAME TIME- then it would actually be a WARNING, not a STATEMENT of fact- seriously people! Someone's going to get hurt! Okay, /tangent... this is a blog, right?)

After a little bit of confusion over which side of the airport we were being picked up from (Terminal West vs. Terminal East), a little bit of a escalator-glide walk by one Cadet Cramer (almost reminded me of Micheal Jackson's air-walking thing- you know that walk he would do, where it looked like he was walking, but not really moving- that one - but cool looking), okay, tangent again sorry! Where was I?

Oh yes, we were able to meet our wonderful parents who volunteered to pick the team up from the airport (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!) and we were on our way home! The parents who so graciously volunteered were the dads of Johnson (pick-up), Harger (drop off), and Cramer, and the moms of Fahrenbruck and Schneider (sans cat). Debbie Schneider also volunteered to coordinate the entire effort in our absence, so double thanks Debbie!

DRUM ROLE.... the results from the Banquet

Parents, Cadets, Officers, Family and Friends of the Colorado Wing Drill Team.....

Before I go into the results of the Competition we want you to know how PROUD we are of YOUR Drill Team.

They performed exceptionally well this weekend and put 100%+ into every event - something the end results don't reflect.

The UTAH Wing Drill Team won the competition with successes in all the events - but several events were really close calls.

Our strong events really put UTAH to the test, with Inspection and Innovative Drill both being VERY CLOSE calls.

UTAH showed their superiority in the knowledge events with a clean sweep in the Jeopardy! panel quiz and a good performance in the written exam.
Our very own CAPT KENT took the HIGHEST SCORE in the written exam for the 2nd year running.

Overall we were beaten by a superior team with very experienced drill team members - most of whom competed in the 2008 National Competition..... we said to our team last night at our now customary post event ice-cream stop (Dairy Queen!) - there are FIVE Wings in the Rocky Mountain Region. Thompson Valley Eagles should be proud of the fact they they can field a competitive Drill Team from their SQUADRON when other Wings in the Region cannot.

In summary, be proud of you team's achievements - that put up a good fight and THEY are proud of their achievements - they knew they came to the competition with nothing to lose and still performed well. Their commitment to this was rewarded with them being presented with the TEAM SPIRIT AWARD.

More posts coming with some entertaining news about the banquet and post banquet celebrations and entertainment

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's Events at RCC!

As Saturday draws to a close we can reflect on a great Rocky Mountain Regional Cadet Competition

It was a HUGE day for the team.....

Breakfast at 7pm was followed by another van trip to Malmstrom AFB

8.30AM Written Test, followed by Jeopardy! - per the Major's earlier post

With time to spare before lunch the team went off to do a final INNOVATIVE drill practice on the base car park - it LOOKED SPECTACULAR

We then had a really great lunch on the base - Air Force base food is MUCH better than other locations we've been too in the past - everyone chowed down to some hearty grub!

After lunch it was back to the hotel to change into blues for the Inspection, Standard Drill and Innovative Drill

Back to the base and the team marched onto the drill pad in front of spectators and the Malmstrom AFB Honor Guard
They were extremely smart, professional and showed exceptional military bearing - we were very proud of your young men

Both teams did an excellent job in their Standard Drill and received accolades from civilian and military spectators. This one will be a tough one to call on the judging

The EAGLES soared during their Innovative Drill routine and everything fell into place for a spectacular performance. Utah's routine was equally spectacular with some great sequences - again, it'll be upto the judges

It's now 5.20pm and all the events are completed - the team has returned to the hotel in high spirits to relax before the banquet

Tonight at 6pm all the teams will meet at Malmstrom AFB for a formal CAP Banquet - an affair steeped in tradition, ceremony and FUN. Everyone is looking forward to relaxing after a HUGE weekend of competition.

The event results will be announced and I hope to update you with them as soon as they are available

I will also update the slideshow with some GREAT photos - hopefully tonight

Where have I been.....

Sorry for not posting today - my laptop died a horrible death last night and I haven't had access until now

So, I'll start posting our day's activities now!

This Morning's Events

This morning the team performed in the written tests and panel quiz events. We won't know the results of the written test until the end of the day at the Banquet. The Panel Quiz event went to the Utah Titans, who were lightening fast on the buzzers. Our guys knew their material, they just couldn't buzz in!!

We're now getting ready for the Inspection and drill events. We had a great practice and run-through of the drill routine this morning before lunch, so hopefully they'll perform at their normal level!

We did the two knowledge test events on the base, and are now at the hotel getting last minute hair touch-ups and getting those minuscule little wrinkles in the uniforms out from the trip up here. We'll be going back to the base for the last events of the day.

Mr. Baldy went through and taped down garbage bags over all of the seats in the vans (pictures to come) so that no lint (or spilt coffee!!) will get on their perfect uniforms. The vans may look a little funny, but hopefully we'll make an uneventful trip over to the base.

We'll update as soon as we can, but there is no internet access on the base, and the computer with it's own internet blew up (see blue screen of death post). We'll post as soon as we know results for events, but our next one may not be until after the banquet is over at around 9pm tonight.

Blue Screen of Death!

1st Lt Baldy Schneider's computer crashed last night, so no updates!! We're working on getting the computer back up, but Windows XP boot disks aren't all that easy to find, and we didn't exactly pack any!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Night's Events - Volleyball and Mile Run

The team has completed the Friday night events - a change to the schedule involved playing volleyball tonight instead of the written test.

VOLLEYBALL - The Eagles played some really good volleyball this evening but were unable to break a number of good rallies from a well performing Utah team - the final result was 3-0 to Utah

MILE RUN - was held indoors involving 17 laps of an indoor track. The team performed very well with some great times posted by everyone. We won't know the outcome of this one until tomorrow

Everyone is still in very high spirits and thoroughly enjoyed the first evening tomorrow. They are all looking forward to competing in all the remaining events tomorrow.

The evening ended with a trip to Fuddruckers (gotta say that one carefully!) for a HUGE dinner!

The EAGLES have landed...

The Drill Team arrived in Great Falls, MT at 11.30am after an uneventful 2.5hr drive from Bozeman

They visited the Malmstrom AFB Museum and learnt about nuclear ICBMs. This morning's quote of the day: "excuse me ma'am. what does this button do"

The competition starts this evening at 6pm with the written test and the mile run. We won't know the results from some events until tomorrow evening's banquet, but we'll update the blog as soon as we get event results

It's 3pm and the boys are out practicing and perfecting their innovative drill - it's real cold outside so I had to come into the van to update the blog!


Use the Comments tab at the bottom of this post to send a message to the Team

You can also send a message to individual cadets and we'll read them out (remember that everyone viewing the blog can see your comments so nothing too smoooshy!)

This morning's quotes:

"Sir, how do I open this plastic bag?" - Cadet Castle
"Do you like my pyjamas" - C/1Sgt Fisher (aka The Grinch)
"Sir, we were up at 0530 studying - can we go to breakfast now?" - The Quasars*
"oops, did I say that out loud" - C/SMSgt Fahrenbruck
"What a polite group of young gentlemen" - Holiday Inn Express breakfast server
"Ma'am, can I have my own room - my room-mates smell funny" - anon
"My mom usually does that" - heard several times last night!

*'The Quasars' Room 200 - Murphy, Goetz, Whittle, Cramer

Early morning in Bozeman

As the Maj and Lt Baldy continued to sleep I headed down for a bit of early am treadmill fun. Low and behold I started running into cadets...everywhere - up and in uniform...eating and studying! Woohoo!

We had to make a stop at Burger King between the airport and the hotel last night- another healthy late night meal. Wish you could have seen the faces of the BK workers when we walked in - 10 minutes from closing and ready to go home!

The cadets are in good spirits and enjoyed the plane trip and steep and exciting landing in Bozeman. Lots of grinning and "that was cool".

We're off to Great Falls at 9:00 - hoping to be there by noon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

After 12hrs of driving, the Drill team gave to me...

12 hours of Wyoming wind
11 Cops with radars
10 herds of cows
9 herds of deer
8 items of flat wildlife
7th Cav at the Little Big Horn
6 mint kisses (you had to be there!)
5 cups of coffee
4 rest stops (see 5)
3 tanks of gas
2 inches of snow
and 1 Spaaaaaaaatz caaaaaadeeeeeet (we picked up C/Col Poskey and gave him a ride!)

The road convoy arrived safely in Bozeman at 6pm - to be told that the Drill Team were taking it easy at DIA waiting for a delayed flight

Capt Caldwell will be up waaaaaay pas her bedtime while we wait for them to arrive at Bozeman INTERNATIONAL airport (yep, the metropolis of Bozeman qualifies for an international airport status cuz they fly to Canada once a quarter!)


Well, sitting here in the airport waiting for our flight, after eating a very hearty and healthy dinner at McDonald's (and I was really looking forward to Bar-B-Que at Famous Dave's :(

Capt Caldwell and 1st Lt Baldy (Schneider) have arrived and checked into our rooms at the hotel in Bozeman, apparently they had a good, if not very stimulating, drive.

Our flight is delayed till 7:30 right now, so the team should be arriving in Bozeman between 9:15 and 9:30 this evening.

We'll keep you posted!


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Check out the instructions on the right hand side of this Blog and give it a try

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If you activate it before noon on Thursday 2nd April you can track us all the way to Montana and back!

BTW - it's tracking ME, so don't be concerned if you see the track in Northern Wyoming before the team has even left DIA!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Final Uniform Night!

One oil change, wiper blade change, and general cleaning later, our borrowed van from Dakota Ridge Cadet Squadron is ready to make the trip to Montana! The Project Officer has given the final go ahead that the competition is on (there were concerns over weather), so we'll be taking off tomorrow!

Uniform prep is steadily marching on; one bomb scare, 23 perfectly pressed blues shirts, 1 scorched shirt, and a ton of patience later, we are finally ready to put insignia on our uniforms and get them packed and loaded in the vans tonight for the trip!

The usual crowd will descend on 1st Lt Baldy's house for a 4th (and hopefully!) final night of uniform prep. Thanks Steve and Debbie (and your cat!) for being so accommodating!



AM - 2 x CAP vans leave Fort Collins for Bozeman, MT - Capt Caldwell & Lt Schneider carrying
uniforms, overnight bags and PLENTY OF COFFEE!

PM - Team convoy leaves Fort Collins for Denver International Airport. Drill Team and Major
"I'd prefer a 10hr drive instead of a 2hr flight with 14 cadets" Niswender will FLY to
Bozeman, MT

Overnight in Bozeman with a Team Dinner at some local BBQ joint recommended by Capt C


AM - rise & shine! - breakfast and then a 3hr drive to Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, MT

5.00pm - Team Registration - LET THE COMPETITION Begin!

6.00pm - Written exam followed by a Mile Run! - GO EAGLES


A full day of competition:

Tentative Competition Schedule:
0700 Breakfast (all teams)
0830 Volleyball
1000 Panel Quiz
1130 Lunch
1215 Change from PT gear into uniforms
1500 DT1 Inspection (DT = Drill Team – not known if we are 1 or 2)
1515 DT2 Inspection
1530 DT1 Standard Drill
1545 DT2 Standard Drill
1600 DT1 Innovative Drill
1615 DT2 Innovative Drill
1800 Awards Banquet


AM - Depart Great Falls for Bozeman, MT

Team flies from Bozeman to Denver on Frontier

The vans drive thru snow and blizzards back to Fort Collins!

"Follow the Team" coming soon!

We're trying to set up a neat little tool which will show our trip on Google Maps

Haven't got it working yet - so don't try clicking on the links!

The Journey Begins...

We're keeping a close eye on the weather - ! Lt Schneider and I will begin the northward migration with two loaded CAP vans in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies and a tailwind. We'll meet the cadets and the Major in Bozeman tomorrow evening.

"Do you believe in miracles...?"


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